Sunday, December 28, 2008

Factor Architecture build a thatched house for the 21st century

Factor Architecture build .
In an open spot in the woods outside of Beekbergen a unique villa has been built. Not visible from the public highway, a conical concrete sculpture with a curved thatched roof rises up between the trees. The design was created in close collaboration with the clients, Mr Anton Schouten and Ms Hannie Kempink.
Factor Architecture build
The interior is visible through the various open places cut into the cone. The basement holds the garage, the spare bedrooms and the bathrooms. Above this, on the next level, are the kitchen and the master bedroom. The main floor is accessible via the dining room, where the living room and entrance hall are situated. Finally, the house features a fantastic swimming pool, housed under a glass roof which can be opened.

Factor Architecture build

Factor Architecture build


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