Monday, December 22, 2008

Under Construction Gehry Partners, LLP MARTa Herford,Germany

Photo courtesy Gehry Partners, LLP

MARTa Herford will be one of the first museums in Germany to present the interfaces between art, design, fashion and architecture as a site for reflection and aesthetic articulation.

Photo courtesy Gehry Partners, LLP

Photo courtesy Gehry Partners, LLP

The fundamental design strategy involves the incorporation of a fragment of an industrial building now existing on the site with new buildings located to the South and to the North of the existing building, so that the existing building becomes the centerpiece of the new museum complex. Visitors will enter the complex through a new central entry plaza that is flanked on both sides by the new buildings.

Photo courtesy Gehry Partners, LLP

The existing building consists of 3,425 square meters and includes the lobby for the complex and a retail store on the ground level, as well as galleries and a furniture testing area on the upper levels.

Photo courtesy Gehry Partners, LLP

The original character of the existing building have been maintained. The exterior of both new buildings will be clad in brick and stainless steel.

Photo courtesy Gehry Partners, LLP

Sketch courtesy Gehry Partners, LLP

Inauguration May 7, 2005.
Photographer Thomas Mayer documents the construction.

Photo: ©Thomas Mayer

Area: 7,000 gross square meters
Begin Design - 1998
Begin Construction - 2001
Expected Completion: 2005

Client:The City of Herford
Architect: Gehry Partners, LLP
Design Partner: Frank Gehry
Project Partner: Randy Jefferson
Project Designer: Edwin Chan
Project Architect: Kamran Ardalan
Project Team:
Michelle Kaufmann
Hiroshi Tokumaru
Andy Lui
Catriel Tulian
Rick Smith
Cara Cragan
Beat Schenk
Ali Jevanjee
Kurt Komraus
Sean Gale
Sean Gallivan
Diego Petrate
Reza Bagherzadeh

Executive Architect: Archimedes GbmH
Hartwig Röllkotter
Stefan Hoffmann
Birgit Bastiaan
Jørgen Beinke
Thomas Vollbracht
Structural Engineer: Bollinger + Grohmann
Mechanical Engineer: Construct
Lighting Consultant: ag Licht


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