Friday, March 13, 2009

Singapore Civic & Cultural Center by Aedas

The spectacular 54,000 sq m Singapore Civic & Cultural Center by Aedas has angular, multi-faceted design that creates a variety of perspectives, changing the form dramatically depending on the viewpoint.

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- the dynamic design inside serves to create a new visual experience and blurs the boundaries between the public and private realms, between the civic and cultural spaces.

- focus of the cultural zone is a 5,000 seat auditorium providing the largest venue of its kind in Singapore.

- 24,000 sq m of retail space on the lower floors connects to the civic and cultural zones visually and spacially via a 40m high 'grand foyer'. The remainder of the 30,000 sq m of civic and cultural space is comprised of function spaces, administration, foyers, circulation areas and artist and technical support areas.

- spectacle of the Center is most truly presented from the south elevation which, being completely open to the outside, shows the inner workings and layers as a section visible from the exterior.


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