Sunday, March 22, 2009

Taipei Performing Arts Centre proposal by Abalos+Sentkiewicz

Here's one of the three finalists (together with OMA and Morphosis) for the two-phase international competition for the new Performing Arts Centre in Taipei which included more than 100 offices from around the world. The competition was won by OMA.

This is the proposal by Spanish architects Ábalos + Sentkiewicz:


From human being origins, people doing circles around someone who is speaking, singing, dancing or arguing -under a tree shadow if possible- has been the main characteristic of performing.



Our music halls maintain this original condition and extend their geometry to the whole complex, which turns into a group of big trees with a stratified structure, as the local tropical forest, working at the same time as a functional scheme and an environmental strategy:
  • Over the trees a roof tour that conform a new landscape is proposed, giving identity to the complex.
  • Music Halls are in the trees, organized around a principal lobby and two secondary ones. Each hall adopts a particular configuration reinforced by its different coloration (gold silver, bronze).
  • Under the trees, topography splits in two: Upwards, composing a park protected from the sun and the rain. Downwards composing a complex of commercial galleries that extend the activity from Shilin Night Market and goes through the building.

© Abalos+Sentkiewicz arquitectos

Against the typical configuration of a principal and a back façade this project achieves a total urban isotropy, not only with four but with five facades in relation with the context.

Source: ArchDaily

Architects:Ábalos + Sentkiewicz Arquitectos


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