Thursday, March 19, 2009

Taipei Performing Arts Center proposal by Morphosis

Here's the futuristic design by American firm Morphosis for the Taipei Performing Arts Center which was eventually won by OMA. The Taipei Performing Arts Center is anchored on a round-the-clock cultural axis where the architecture becomes, by virtue of its sculpted and indelible form, a landmark in the region—like a jewel, with distinct facets visible from all corners of the city.

The proposal "celebrates both conceptions of theater: theater as high art, embodied by the sumptuous formal foyers leading to the striking grand theater and the intimate proscenium playhouse; and the inclusiveness of a 'people’s theater,' exemplified by the multiform theater’s overt and deliberate connection to the public. the differentiated form, material language, and spatial layout of each of the three theaters align with their respective roles. each theater’s distinct form in turn directly inflects the form of the overall building envelope and the complex as a whole."

Source: DesignBloom, ArchDaily
Architects: Morphosis


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